Sunrise Café, Bar & Restaurant

As the Sunrise Restaurant/Bar & Cafe at the Kuluhana Hotel premises, we commit to run our food production and presentation processes in accordance with legal regulations and international standards. Our aim is to produce and serve our products in accordance with food safety principles and provide the highest level of satisfaction.

We cook organic delicacies made with natural materials obtained daily from local farmers and livestock producers in the surrounding area, with our high-quality standards, and offer them to our guests with our unique ambiance. It’s up to you to savor it.

With its daily fresh menu, homemade desserts and delicacies, our hotel’s Sunrise restaurant invites you to a pleasant experience with its enchanting view. If you want to experience unforgettable moments in our restaurant, which is located at the unique point of the Barracks region where you can breathe the clean sea air, we invite you to Sunrise Restaurant.

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